Computer Repair

Windows PCs make up more than 80% of all computers. Windows PCs are affordable, fast, and come with a lot of features. However, they are also prone to hardware failures, viruses, lost data, and other problems. Fortunately, Computer Spirit specializes in Windows PC repair. We support the operating system, the programs, the hardware, all of it.

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Laptop Repair

We can fix most problems with your laptop – Mac or PC. We fix broken laptop dc jacks, screens and replace keyboards, hard drives, trackpads, wireless cards, and more. Our laptop repair services start with an affordable diagnostic service so that we can check out what’s wrong, and provide you with a fixed price for the repair. We can make it work like brand new!

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Virus Removal

Computer Spirit Removes Viruses, Spyware and Malware. Is your computer safe from viruses, malware, and other dangers? Is your antivirus working and up-to-date? Do you have regularly scheduled virus scans, Does it automatically update, and have the right settings? The world of antivirus is also constantly changing, it's hard to know which antivirus software to use. We can help you.

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Computer Spirit is different from other computer support companies. Find out why we care. You will not regret your choice! Google+

Don't you wish technology was not so complicated? It changes so often, and rarely comes with instructions. Everyday, home and business users are relying more and more on their Computers, data, phones, and networks. Most of us don’t understand how our technology works, and are never trained on how to use it. We make it easy to get answers. Customer support is at an all-time low: support phone calls often have long hold times and overseas conversations with robot call center workers.

We want to help you learn and take control over your technology. We fix problems, and we explain why they happened and how to avoid them in the future. We can make recommendations on what would be the best technologies for you to use. Like having the right tool for the right job. We take pride in teaching as we repair so that you can feel comfortable with your technology. We find that this just doesn't happen anymore in the computer industry, and our clients love it!

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