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At Computer Spirit, we don’t believe in wasting our customer’s time or littering their new, custom built computer with unwanted and unnecessary software, hardware, or components. Before we even begin putting your computer together, our consultation process will be used to determine what it is you need and what you like – we will offer suggestions that will enhance your system based on your wants and needs. You will never have to settle for the computer that meets the most of your wants and needs. You can now get the computer of your dreams that features everything that you want out of it. Don’t be conned into paying for less than what you deserve, contact Computer Spirit today and get the computer that you actually want.

We will help you pick and choose the software and hardware that best meets your needs and fits your budget. During this process, we can also set aside room for future upgrades in software and hardware. By customizing your system from the ground up, you can avoid some of the common difficulties that come with upgrading a premade computer.

Whatever components you choose, your computer will be built with quality, stable parts that are designed to last. This will save you money over the life of your system. Our techs are on hand to explain the pros and cons of every component, and we know which parts are the most reliable to use when building your customized system. Your computer will be built intuitively, to encourage airflow, to increase speed and reliability, and to maximize performance.

When You Leave

When you leave Computer Spirit, you can rest assured that your system has been tested extensively in order to ensure that it is working properly. We will update your software and drivers to the most recent versions available. You will have the best firewall available to protect your system from malicious viruses and malware. We will offer advice on antivirus and anti-malware software, with a range of options at various price levels.

Your computer, customized to your exact specifications, will meet and exceed every obstacle. Whether it is for your home as a family computer, a dedicated gaming computer, or a part of a business network, your custom computer will satisfy all of your desires.