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Backing Up Your Data and Recovering It

It has happened too many times, and not enough people know that it can be solved, but when your data is in danger, it is not necessarily gone. Whether that data be photographs, important financial documents, music that is no longer available, or even your old school papers – it is important to you, and because that it is important to us that you get it back.

Before your data is ever in danger of being lost, the easiest way to protect it is to store it in multiple places – rather than just on your computer. Should the worst happen, your data is backed up and retrievable in this manner, alleviating your concern. This is, by far, the most important protective measure a responsible computer user can take. As technology evolves and new avenues open up, this is becoming an increasingly easy step to take – whether they are stored on a second internal hard drive, an external hard drive, or the cloud, it is within reach when your computer is damaged.

We can help you set up a proper back up, and make suggestions in order to increase the security of your files – such as versioning, so that you can retrieve files from various dates, should the problem exist within your data. For example, if you have a virus that is embedded in your data and you’ve uploaded that to where you store your data, it is useless to use that version of it – but not the version immediately prior.
As long as your computer has not been destroyed, it is even possible to retrieve data from your hard drive, it just may take some time. This is especially true if we are discussing a corrupted hard drive. While not impossible, it is incredibly difficult and time consuming. This is why it is important to backup your data as often as possible.