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Repairing Your Apple Products

It’s bad enough when your computer is having a slow day, it’s catastrophic when your Apple computer isn’t working – as these luxury devices are costly to replace. However, they are not too costly to repair, and even the most dire of situations can be handled by our talented technicians.


It can be a spill, it could be an unexpected splash from the curb as a car speeds by, it doesn’t really matter – your computer has been damaged by water, and it needs to be fixed quickly. Our first step is to pinpoint which part, or parts, have been affected and to replace them so that your computer is working properly once more. We offer a quick, cost-effective repair for water damage, something that even Apple’s warranty does not cover. Call Computer Spirit and get a quote today.

Sadly, the most common types of water damage that can affect
our precious Apple Products may require them to be outright replaced – as this
might be the most cost-effective solution, depending on the number of
components that have been impacted.

Replacing Your Hard Drive

Sometimes, you just need to replace your hard drive, and it can be a terrifying experience – but it doesn’t have to be. Our technicians are quick, efficient, and are standing by to replace your hard drive, no matter what it is suffering from. Unless your hard drive has been completely destroyed, it is even possible to transfer data from a faulty hard drive to a new one, allowing you to continue with your files and photos as if nothing has happened. These issues do not have to be the end of your computer and, in fact, it can be fixed and back in your hands in only a handful of days.

Replacing Your Battery

Whether because a cord has frayed or severed, or it is no longer plugging into your computer properly, your battery can be fixed or replaced at a reasonable price. You don’t have to throw your computer out, you only have to bring it in to us and we can hand it back to you in proper working condition. Because these luxury items are designed for aesthetic along with functionality, they are impractically hard for the owner to open with ease – call on the professionals to solve all of your battery problems so that the problem doesn’t grow worse. We can replace your battery with quality Apple products and have it back to you before too long.

Replacing Your Keyboard

Whether your keys are sticking, the letters are rubbing off, or they simply aren’t working properly any longer, Computer Spirit can fix your keyboard quickly and affordably. Our technicians are there to get your computer back to you as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to suffer without it for too long.

Replacing Your Screen

It can happen to anybody and at anytime – and a cracked screen is more than simply unsightly, it can damage the integrity of the entire system. We repair computer screens in house at competitive prices so you don’t have to go out and replace your entire computer. Depending on the type of computer you have, your screen is nothing more than a display – leaving the rest of your computer intact even if the screen is cracked through and through. Simply stop by our store or call us out to you and we can have your screen repaired or replaced in only a handful of days.