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Malware and Virus Removal

One of the worst things that can happen to our computers is to be infected with malicious software or a virus – which, by design, are incredibly difficult to remove because of how it hides itself among your system, often throughout various files. Our technicians have years of experience in dealing with these malicious intrusions and are ready to help you rid your computer of them. Even as the number of viruses and malware increase over the years, we continue to train our people so that we can combat them.

Whether they are causing your computer to run slow, bombarding you with popup adds, or just causing your computer to act oddly – we can help to remove the nuisance and free your computer from their effect.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is a powerful tool that can prevent your computer from being infected by most viruses and malware and warning you when you are vulnerable. However, they are not capable of protecting your computer after the fact – at least not in the way you need. This is because it is designed to prevent an intrusion, but malware acts to prevent antivirus software from removing it from your computer after the fact. Our technicians can remove most viruses and malware without having to perform a restoration of your computer, possibly resulting in the loss of important files. Afterwards, we will ensure that you are equipped with the best antivirus software in order to prevent this from occurring again.

If you are considering installing antivirus software on your system, before you have a virus or malware of course, it is important that you do not accidentally install a fraudulent software program. These programs are designed to appear like legitimate antivirus software programs, when in actuality they are malware, intent on corrupting your system.

Removing Malware

Because of how malware virus programs are created, they are designed to be hard to remove – and the average computer user will be hard pressed to remove it from their system in its entirety. Our technicians can identify every facet of the virus on your system and remove it, without damaging your data. Unless it is at the point of no return, we can remove the malware and save you the hassle.