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Our support team is there when you need it, every single day of the week. Our clients are satisfied with our work – check out our testimonials page!
If you have a question about your computer, our techs are there to answer them until you are completely satisfied, and your computer is back to working to your expectations.

No matter what type of Apple Product you need repaired, we are the service men and women that you need on call – our techs are experts in all facets of computer repair, and when we work on your devices you can be assured that you will never be saddled with a knockoff replacement part. All of our Apple and Mac products are original pieces from Apple, waiting to ensure your device runs smoothly.

We work on all types of computers and devices. Whether it is your personal desktop, your personal laptop, a work computer, or even your tablet or cellphone, you can rest easy knowing that it is being taken care of by professionals.

Most services can be assessed and completed within 2 to 3 business days, as long as the parts are available in store. We keep many of the parts for the most used brands on location, allowing us to beat our competitors price range and estimated work time.

Our techs perform services quickly, but if you don’t want to wait for your old laptop to be repaired, we’ll purchase the device from you and provide your hard drive to you or transfer your data for you to a new device.

You can contact us and speak with one of our service technicians today in order to have your questions and concerns answered and addressed as well as to set up an appointment to have your computer fixed.

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